Social Interaction Via New Social Media Essay

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Eileen Fischer and Rebecca Reuber (2011) in the article “Social Interaction via New Social Media: (How) Can Interactions on Twitter Affect Effectual Thinking and Behavior” talk about the role of Twitter in the effectuation process. The authors attempt to find out the impacts of Twitter on entrepreneurs who interact via the social site. The authors of the article investigate how effectuation processes are affected when entrepreneurs adopt Twitter in their business operations. According to the authors (2011) the use of Twitter in social interaction affects the effectual thinking and behavior of entrepreneurs. They also assert that interactions over Twitter can result in effectual understanding but the intensive use of interaction can cause effectual agitation. Additionally, Fischer and Reuber (2011) propose that perceived time affordability can be used to predict the extent to which entrepreneurs interact through Twitter. They also suggest that outcomes of these interactions are controlled by norm adherence and orientation. The article’s central theme focuses on the use of Twitter by entrepreneurs and the question is the effect of Twitter interactions on effectual entrepreneurial thinking and action. In this article, the authors use an inductive theory-building methodology to develop suggestions related to how the effectuation process is affected during entrepreneur use of Twitter. The methodology used in the study produced findings that support the
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