Social Interactions And Its Effects On The Basketball Court

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Felecia and Joseph both have numerous social interactions, not just as individuals, but as a couple as a tool. Joseph is often seen socializing amongst his friends on the basketball courts. The conversations touch on everything from basketball, to school, and relationships. During his interactions with his friends on the basketball court, he can at times be competitive, but that’s just the nature of the game. If he ever loses there are moments when he’ll just storm off the court not shaking hands. His attitude can be taken to another level if he loses and performs poorly, whenever this occurs he doesn’t only storm off, but he also refuses to talk to anyone if he does the conversations tend to turn out aggressive with a lot of trash talk. When things are going his way Josephs demeanor is calm, he engages well with his friends, and he always brings humor to the conversations, he tends to take himself less seriously when his girlfriend is not around, and when he isn’t losing games. Joseph is also a student giving him the chance to interact with his classmates/teachers. There are moments when he doesn’t have much to say unless he is talking with his friends, he is polite and very respectful towards the teacher. Surprisingly, he always appeared to be more timid when he was in class compared to when he was on the basketball courts. Felecia has social interactions like Joseph, but with different people in different environments. During her spare time she enjoys hiking, clubs,
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