Social Interactiveness . Leadership And Structure. The

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Social Interactiveness Leadership and Structure. The leadership style at MHSW resembles that of a democratic one because all leaders are given chances to voice their concerns. Every leader assesses the needs of their department by surveying staff members and patient satisfaction surveys. Although not constantly on the floor, those in Chief Executive positons attend important meetings, such as Pre-Joint Commission Survey meetings, to voice their concerns and requests. Information is then passed down to the departments through the directors. An organizational structure chart can be seen in Appendix F. Change and how to implement the changes are main topics in meetings. The leadership team at MHSW believe that “involving the staff members…show more content…
These highlight the system’s dedication toward providing culturally competent care, professional development, advancement in technology and research, etc. Memorial Hermann Southwest does work towards these system-wide goals however, its primary focus is on the value of “providing superior quality and cost efficient, innovative, and compassionate care.” (See Appendix G) In order to do this, leadership within the facility constantly stresses the importance of cooperation, initiative, innovation, culture, and flexibility among their staff. Teamwork is highly valued within the organization and seen within each department as well as interdepartmentally and between numerous disciplines including nursing, pharmacy, human resources, financial services, physicians, and case management. Staff members collaborate to ensure that quality care in multiple facets is provided including patient satisfaction, infection control, and potential acquisition of Magnet Status. The staff is motivated to look at the “bigger picture” and adjust work accordingly. There is a realization amongst the staff that there will always be an opportunity for improvement and that flexibility and adaptability will be necessary for these improvements to occur. There is no evidence of working in a department silo. The staff works collectively towards the common goal of betterment of the organization in all aspects to provide the best care

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