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1) Ethical and conceptual issues Current research and research results It is increasingly recognized that within many areas (e.g., disability and handicap), conceptual issues and ethical issues about proper conduct and underlying values are highly intergrated. The treatment of ethical and policy issues depends on the content of the concepts employed and, at the same time, many central concepts are informed by moral opinions and, as a result, contested on ethical grounds. Taking this intergration of conceptual and ethical issues seriously from a research point of view requires that they are very strongly interconnected, i.e. mere studies of the way in which concepts are in fact informed by moral opinions and social values is not…show more content…
Such issues are additionally explored in particular in the EuroPHEN project, which involves researchers from 12 European countries, Canada and the U.S, undertaking empirical research, and ethical analyses regarding the concept of health, medical screening, and the goals of health policy, among other things. Besides this, our team have access to a broad international network of researchers in bioethics, the philosophy of medicine and social care, as well as relevant empirical disciplines. Of particular interest are: Lennart Nordenfelt (Linköping U.) and Jerome Wakefield (NYU), both world-leading researchers in the area of the concepts of health, disease, disability, disorder, dysfunction etc; William Ruddick (NYU), Wayne Sumner (U. of Toronto), Torbjörn Tännsjö (Stockholm U.) are all renowned experts on several of the underlying normative ethical issues; Angus Dawson (Keele U.), John Harris (U. of Manchester), Julian Savulesco (Oxford U.) and Stephen Wilkinson (Keele U.) are leading bioethicists who have all made important contributions to discussions in this field with strong connection to disability issues. Besides the ones listed below, there are a number of additional publications communicating our studies, as well as numerous presentations that have been made at national as well as international scientific meetings. Members of the team are all active as referees or editors for various journals, as well as regurlarly
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