Social Issues Faced By Women

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“One is not born woman, but rather becomes woman”, Simon de Beauvoir, The Second Sex.
With the beginning of a new series of sustainable developmental goals for planet to look forward to, gender equality has managed to grab a standalone goal for sustenance. Exchanging roles series under the umbrella of global goals are much talked about way of spreading awareness about gender equality in India. But the journeys of the demand for care to the care givers have not been a cake walk. Neither has it reached its goal to address the major social issues faced by women yet.
Ranked 124th (towards the bottom of 136 countries) in the 2013 Global Gender Gap index, for women’s economic participation, India’s status as a fast growing economy ends up with a big question mark. With 85% of the females involved in informal employment (non-agricultural), they constitute only 30% of all the economically active individuals. Women, as consented by the society to have embedded in their nature, care providence, selflessness, tenderness, have being playing the role of care provider since time immemorial, be it formal or informal, paid or unpaid.
With a workforce of 1.1% or 1.2 million women in India’s health sector, it plays as the major industry breeding formal care providence by women. But increase in the female workforce is also accompanied by raised cases of violence and harassment at workplace. A very fresh act addressing the issue of sexual harassment at workplace was passed by the government of

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