Social Issues In Baltimore Essay

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Introduction Baltimore city had a strong economy, and it was among the top prosperous cities in the United States (U.S)leadingin wages, jobs, and industries up until the 1950s. Since the 1960s, however, the city has seen a decline in its economy as a result of systematic governance failures. Recently, Baltimore has been experiencing an increase in homicide unlike prior years, and in fact, by the end of 2015, various law enforcement organizations predict the city will break its homicide record. As a citizen, Baltimore’s murder rate is a crucial issue to tackle than police brutality because it is symptom indicative of larger issues that need to be addressed and solved in the black community. Three major issues often talked about in Baltimore…show more content…
These issues have been persistent for over three decades without any significant change, and this is indicative of the failed approach the government is using to tackle the issues. First solution is to address the racial disparity that exists between black and white communities. The two communities are still somewhat segregated as remnant of the past racial system. The rate of unemployment, poverty, income inequality and so forth are respectively better in white communities than are in black communities. The question is why is this so? Is there preferential treatment or better attention given to white communities? Or is it a greater racial issue? By closing the gap a more fluid remedy could abate the problems of the black community; this of course is in addition to stringent…show more content…
The loss of industries was one of the reasons for the decline of the city. Therefore, the city in conjunction with the federal government must work on serious strategies and tactics to bring back industries that were lost in the 1970s. This of course would mean giving out incentives to the corporations and certain tax reliefs and so forth. That initiative alone would solve the city’s major economic issues because it would provide jobs to low-skilled workers as well as the blue collar workers because that those are the groups that are
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