Social Issues In The Fight Club

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Fight Club is one of the most critical and controversial movies of all time, but no one can deny its fame in American popular culture. The audience remembers the thrill and the exciting pleasure while watching it, so much that they want to start their own illegal real-life fight clubs. The impressions about these “fight clubs” and the movie somewhat resemble each other; they are violent, bloody, and promise a twisted end. However, these fight club “founders” may have always been misunderstanding the real meanings of Fight Club all along when attempting to make one. The interpretations of Fight Club introduced by several experts suggest its true message, in which the social and cultural context impact the nature of gender roles and violence. Consequently, some serious social and psychological problems emerged among men, and examining these issues will reveal the truthful meanings and functions of the fight club. In like manner, a real-life fight club in the modern world can adopt these ideas to…show more content…
The public idolized the aggressive heroes but simultaneously stigmatized the natural impulses of aggression (Boon 267+). In other words, they must live under the influence of these “heroes,” and the way to be like them is to be aggressive; aggression, however, was blamed as a negative and evil expression of the discrimination against other minority groups and women. Violent instinct of heterosexual, white men was oppressed because violence was linked to homophobia and anti-feminism, which are always negatively criticized, especially in that period of time, meanwhile they still had responsibilities like protecting the family and the country, contribute to the development of the community, which are all related to being aggressive (Boon
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