Social Issues Of Education And Education

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Social Issues in Education The United States has made leaps and bounds in its education system since schooling became mandatory. Most people in the US have at least a high school education and are able to function in society as fruitful and productive citizens. However, in the past years the family and education structure have changed, creating new social issues for society to address and find solutions for. The following examines the shortage of teachers in schools, increasing school violence, and the bilingual challenges our education system faces today. One of the challenges the United States faces in modern education is the lack of teachers to fill the classrooms. This creates difficulty as many teachers are forced to teach large classes and the teacher to student ratio is largely disproportionate. The interaction students have with teachers not only helps develop the student academically, but also teaches them social skills that are useful for peer interaction. A study done by Howes 1999; Pianta, Nimetz Bennett ; 1997 “Suggests that when children have warm and supportive teacher– child relationships they are able to use their teachers as resources for their other social relationships, including peer relationships” ( As cited in Kiuru, Aunola, Lerkkanen, Pakarinen, Poskiparta, Ahonen, Nurmi,, 2015: p 435). It is important for classrooms to have structure and teachers who can devote time to the students to ensure their academic success. One solution to help fulfill the
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