Social Issues On Education And The United States Of Education

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Social Issues in Education Name: Institution: Date: Social Issues in Education Education is the avenue to all forms of development for that matter. Development here is a tandem of all fields ranging from politics to social and of course the economy of the country. A question of education should, therefore, be treated with the highest degree of concern for a country to develop. This task, therefore, seeks to analyze the social issues in education with the United States of Education as the main point of reference. The essay shall subsequently discuss how the issues threatening education sector can be solved to meet the interest of all people. Most importantly, it seeks to discuss the three goals in American education,…show more content…
The dreams of learners from a poor family background of finally changing the social status of their families, therefore, begin to fade as poor grades do not guarantee someone a better course afterward (Jennifer and Scovronick, 2003) Jennifer Hochschild and Nathan Scovronick state in their three goals that once a student has graduated, he must be prepared to be a responsible citizen in the society. This means that education does not only impart knowledge in learners but virtues as well. Therefore, education is all round. Another goal is that critical reading and thinking is necessary for students. Education must therefore, improve how a student reasons. The third goal is that education is lighting of fire in the society (Homes, 2014). Thus through education, learners are able to view things different from those who are not educated. It also opens way for the educated. Education is not only meant for the poor and everybody deserves a quality education as long as he rightfully belongs to a country and when the quality education is only limited to the rich then it becomes sheer injustice to the poor (Pattillo, 2015). This is because it is not a favor the government is doing to its people but a responsibility. It so happens that these schools the poor attend are ill-equipped concerning fertilities and resources as there are no influential people to crusade for equal allocation of
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