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The democratic society consist of the working class, it determines how much money they gain or how much tax they will be paying for the year. So they’d wanted o chose a candidate that will benefit them. He democratic society also seemed like it wanted to be heard in this year’s election. They spent million of dollars on making ads, posters, and billboards that would interest the average middle class citizen to go out and vote. The democratic society also was aware that the republicans were going to meet this election head on because a democratic had served two terms in office, and they are very anxious to change that.
     Another significance that the elections have in a democratic society is that it made people
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Johnnie Wells, one of Jesse Jackson’s supporters in 1984, on the failure of Democratic coalition politics, stated, “It’s just a continuation of white flight. When black people move in, the whites move out.” (151) This shows that there is a huge conflict with racialism when it comes to elections. The Democratic controlled Congress passed several landmark civil rights bills and beat back numerous attempts to avoid pro-black Supreme Court decisions.
     Given these events, plus generational replacement of older, less well-educated Democrats by better-educated, younger Democrats, one would expect a significant liberalization of racial attitudes among white Democrats. That is, whites opposed to black civil rights would leave the party so the majority base of the party would increasingly reflect a more liberal racial perspective. (153) This more liberal orientation would then be consistent with the policies espoused by party leaders and embodied in party platforms. We should examine this possibility by considering the views of whites Democrats on school integration and government aid to minorities.
     Vice president Al Gore made it his business to make sure he knows and understands where the minorities in the U.S. He made sure he knew our wants needs and what we were looking for in a president. And like the
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