Social Issues: Territorial Dispute in the West Philippine Sea

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Social Issues: Territorial Dispute in the West Philippine Sea In accordance to the requirements for Prelims in English 2 (ZEN112) Submitted by: Patiag, Jude Emmanuel V. Blancaflor, Jazmine Blanche C. Other countries think that the International Law does not apply to “Great Powers” such as China. China took the advantage of the country’s status of being a third world country, thinking that Philippines don’t stand a chance against China. The International Law equalizes both small and big countries. That’s why the government put the fate of the whole country in the Tribunal and the compulsory dispute resolution mechanisms of UNCLOS (Del Rosario, December 4, 2015). While the case is being processed in the Arbitral Tribunal,…show more content…
The effects of this territorial dispute, is China seizes the Freedom of Navigation which is the passage way of all marine ships in the disputed territory to the escalation of the conflict. The West Philippine Sea is very rich in hydrocarbon reserves, this has made it a bone of contention between the countries in the region, resulting in a never ending conflict in that sea (Al Jazeera, May 26, 2015). The last one is that China violates the 2002 declaration of conduct, non-binding confidence building agreement on maritime conduct signed by China and ASEAN. China’s island building not only undermines regional stability, but also the rule of law. It is moreover inflicting massive environmental damage on the most diverse marine environment in the world. China has intentionally created one of the biggest emerging environmental disaster in the world, yet the stakes are still greater. The contention’s “Constitution for the Oceans” is itself at risk. No state, no matter how powerful, should be allowed to claim an entire sea as its own and to use force in asserting that claim. No state should be permitted to write and re-write the rules in order to justify its expansionist agenda according to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Albert del Rosario (Del Rosario, 2015). The Filipinos should protect our territory on land, sea, and air. The West Philippine Sea has a hydrocarbon

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