Social Issues That Affect Individuals Or Groups Within The Greater Society

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Social Issues Social issues are the broad problems that affect individuals or groups within the greater society. These issues can range from economic to ideological and can be deeply personal to whichever group is being affected. However, there is a complexity to many social issues that require cooperation across the groups that can potentially exacerbate the issue. Without that cooperation, the serious issues cannot be solved either, therefore, even if solving social issues is difficult, it needs to be done. The two issues I will be discussing will be poverty and political polarization since in my opinion these are the most important at the current time. Poverty is defined as (at least in a general sense) not having the resources to…show more content…
To be absolutely clear, it is not the fault of the people who end up in an unfortunate situation (except for very specific cases), but poverty reconditions their perceptions of normality. Another way of stating it is that the condition of poverty works its way into every aspect of an individual’s life when they are struggling at the bottom of the socioeconomic spectrum. Poverty is the cause of these issues since they are minimized or non-existent the further one gets away from it and the constant pressure subsides. These economic pressures and the immediacy of poverty increase the difficulty in creating wealth forming behaviors as people in poverty lack access to institutions which can aid in that endeavor. Due to this, the cycle of poverty continues and is enhanced with every trip around. For a broader view, the existence of entire swaths of a city or region that is exclusively inhabited by the poor cannot be simply explained away by poor financial decisions. In urban areas, these poverty-stricken districts are often the legacy of redlining and systematic oppression that was actively practiced until about 50 years ago. This legacy shapes perceptions of these districts as hopeless lost causes or lucrative business opportunities for gentrification, both attitudes ignoring the real human element that currently lives there. In addition, the separation of
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