Social Issues Within The Arena

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Social Problem Arena With all of the recent success for marriage equality in twenty-nine states and Washington DC, the gay movement seems to be headed in the right direction. Increasing awareness about rights for gay people is more prevalent in urban communities, as Queer Theorists, LGBTQIA rights advocates, and allies of the Queer community address and advocate for issues that the Queer community must cope with in a heteronormative and patriarchal society. Marriage equality for same-sex couples has been an effort that Queer people and allies have fought to legalize for decades. It appears that the ‘gay movement’ is a raging success, as over 71,165 same-sex couples have committed themselves to one another, a right that heterosexual…show more content…
At that, the freedom to marry regardless of sexual orientation completely ignores Trans*, Intersex, and Queer people and only addresses right to marry for the letters, L, G, and B in the alphabet soup acronym of the Queer community. What is far more important than the movement for marriage equality is the Queer community’s right to be guaranteed protection from hate crimes and discrimination. Before all of this may begin, the state must protect Queer people, especially Trans* and Intersex- identified people from physical harm and violence. From here, efforts to provide accurate and encompassing healthcare for the needs of Queer people, to address the needs of the thousands of homeless Queer youth, and to demand equal employment opportunities may ensue. Underlying factors contributing to the existence of the issue It appears that the gay rights movement has only grown popular within the last fifteen years, but Americans have been fighting for equality through the duration of the existence of the United States. Homosexuality, including homosexual behavior and performing drag, was outlawed until the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969 (Uprising Stonewall, 2011). The Stonewall Riots were the first time in American history in which members of the Queer community fought in a public arena for their freedom as
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