Social Justice Counseling Aims For Equal Access And Opportunity

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Social justice counseling aims to practice conditions that allow for equal access and opportunity and it reduces or eliminates disparities in education, healthcare, employment, and other areas that lower the quality of life for affected people (Sue & Sue, 2003). The United States prides itself on ensuring equitable treatment amongst its people, and that is why it is referred to as the “melting pot”. People migrate to this country seeking a life free of prejudice due to their religion, gender, socioeconomic status or anything else that could hinder one from having equal access to the same liberties as others. Due to an array of cultures such as Arab Americans, Jewish American, Native Americans and African Americans, counselors must become culturally competent in all four disciplines and any other culture that their client(s) associates with. All four of the cultures mentioned have some similarities and differences that one must understand prior to the first counseling session in order to successfully assist the client.
The counselor must be aware of the four traumatic events that occurred in each culture. These events are the Holocaust for the Jewish Americans, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade for African Americans, September 11 for Arab Americans and Expulsion of Land for Native Americans. The oppressors of these tragic events mission were to strip them of their identities.
The Holocaust refers to a massive destruction of European Jewry during World War II, when millions were
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