Social Justice Is More than a Definition

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While there are many words that can be defined permanently with just one meaning, Social Justice definition goes beyond what it states. The dictionary’s defines Social Justice as “the ability people have to realize their potential in the society where they live.” However, Social Justice and what it entails for people who are interested in learning about it, and practicing it would have to dig even deeper to have a better understanding. According to Christopher Merret’s Social Justice: What Is It, Why Teach It? Social Justice “can be defined in terms of a hierarchy of four ideas. First, that the foundation of a free society is the equal worth of all citizens. Second, the argument that everyone is entitled, as a right of citizenship, to be able to meet their basic needs for income, shelter, and other necessities.” He goes on with his next idea, “Third, self-respect and equal citizenship also demand opportunities and life chances. Finally, to recognize unjust inequalities should be reduced and where possible eliminated.”
Since Social Justice is more than just two words and one simple definition, it has the capability to cover many issues that concern the people in general; not only Americans, but people everywhere in the world. Issues concerning social justice are to protect those who are more vulnerable in various aspects of life. Some of the issues are poverty, immigration, racism, and government, as well as women, gay, and minority groups’ rights, amongst many
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