Social Justice Is The Fair And Proper Recognition Of Current Laws

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Social Justice
Social Justice is the fair and proper recognition of current laws, and focuses on the fact that all people, no matter of their ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race or religion are to be treated with great equality. Social Justice aims to remove prejudice to particular people who share the natural law of their race, gender, religion etc.
Several Social Justice issues are present today, and while not all are targeted at a particular ethnic group, gender of race, they will still affect their lives in some outstanding ways.
Here is a list:
- Racism
- Economic Justice
- Environment
- Justice against prejudice to particular races and Reconciliation
- Refugees and Asylum Seekers
- Political Engagement
- Prison and the Death Penalty
- Terrorism
- Domestic Violence
Over the past few decades, Australia has continued to expand as a multicultural and diverse country - around 50% of Australia 's population were born overseas, or had one or more parents born overseas. When racial tensions begin to form in our community, they don 't just affect a few people, they affect everyone.
Racism promotes a society of prejudice. People don 't trust or respect each other as a result.
When racism is allowed to flourish, it lessens our morality as people. We continue not to reconcile on terrible times in history, such as the Stolen Generations, or the White Australia policy and we deny any form of vigilance in making sure this does not occur again. While the government may
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