Social Justice Kurtz Analysis

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In Hilda E. Kurtz’s document, Environmental Justice, Citizen Participation and Hurricane Katrina, the effects of natural disasters on low income areas are discussed. Although these areas are the target of the document, it also touches base on the effects these disasters may have on higher income areas. Environmental justice (EJ) is stated to have been originated in the social relations of the southeastern United States. This emerged from a convergence of environmental and civil rights activists in the 1980s. Environmental justice was brought up due to incidents such as hazardous waste facilities being located mainly in communities of color and low income. The government found three of the nation’s four largest landfills were located predominantly…show more content…
Social Justice, “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society” (Google Web), being the main question. Kurtz’s essay about Environmental Justice, Citizen Participation and Hurricane Katrina, raises the awareness about the severity of the matter. The pursuit for social justice has driven many social activists to fight for their beliefs, which in the end has led to them having “lobbied successfully for more citizen participation in a range of governmental decisions in which environmental justice might be at issue”(Kurtz). Kurtz’s essay highlights the need to rethink the management of a “fragile coastal environment” and to keep the people of those areas or near those areas safe. Possible consequences may arise from the statements and facts in Kurtz’s essay. Citizens and social justice activists want to be more involved in the courts pertaining to social justice cases. The results of their participation may strike new ideas and changes to the locations of these landfills that threaten environmental protection issues, leading to the questioning of the government’s actions towards communities of color and low income. It is perceived that the government has failed to protect and prepare these communities from natural
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