Social Justice Laws

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Justice Every action or decision we make is either justifiable or unjustifiable. Justice is usually decided by society or the "norm." The "norm" changes from one society to another. However, there are always laws that can be broken, consequences that must follow, and punishment that must be imparted. Justice can be seen in two different ways, social and criminal. Justice is in the eye of the beholder because we all have different attitudes about right and wrong. Criminal justice is a term that refers to the area of social laws which a group of people deem valuable in order for the day-to-day mechanics of society to function. When these laws are broken, the infrastructure of a society breaks down, and this deviance from the "norm"…show more content…
Social justice is usually someone's feelings or actions toward another person. A social injustice was played out in Topeka with the case of Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education. Racism is an unjustified feeling toward a certain race because of the color of their skin. Just the same there are many people who are spit on for being HIV positive when they might not have had a choice in the matter. A 86 year old woman was recently discussed on the news because she was infected with HIV from a skin graft. Still people like Fred Phelps will freely picket people who are innocent. Thomas Aquinas said, "Justice is a certain rectitude of mind, whereby a man does what he ought to do in the circumstances confronting him. Do we impart such rectitude of mind? And if we do no, will there be tolerable private or public order in the twenty-first century?" Despite our efforts to have justice, we will never succeed in the society in which we live unless social justice seeps into the laws that govern criminal justice. Then, the United States will truly be "one nation with liberty and justice for
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