Social Justice System Of The Upper Class Essay

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Social justice is one of the fundamental factors that can make a community, society, or the entire country thrive. Counties that have any sort of social justice system even if it is not perfect are more stable than one who lack all forms of social justice system. It is very difficult to see social justice in most countries of the world due to the greediness of those who are in the upper class. This kind of behavior makes the others who are below the the upper class revolt against the regimes and their allies from the upper class who control almost everything within the country. Those who control almost everything describe the lower class as unpatriotic and the enemies who want to destroy the country. In Fact, the lower class are those who work hard to keep the life of the entire society move on forward, but they do not get what they deserve as hard workers due to injustice. Lack of social justice threatens the stability of countries around the globe, turmoils and chaos erupt, and people die for the seek of dignity as human beings. The phenomenon of revolutions that can be caused due to injustice within societies can be contagious from country to another and the Arab Spring being an example. In that case we can not quietly say that the revolution that broke to achieve social justice goals was triumphed because what happen to come was the other face of the system that already existed. Even though there are challenges that the lower class faces in life while looking for
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