Social Justice in India

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An Inquiry into the Conditions of Social Justice in India
[Note: 1. This study of justice concentrates on conditions of social justice in India and will not include general issues of criminal justice; the proposal refers mainly to social justice and popular ideas of justice, as linked to, but distinct from rights. 2. This proposal is built on the insights drawn from the previous research programme on autonomy, and thus while this is a new proposal it is also a follow up on the earlier exercise. Similar to the preceding one, it has research, publications, and dialogue segments. 3. The current research plan has developed through a series of consultations; its enunciation here is thus a product of the dialogic approach of our research work.
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Such a study will have to concentrate on the forms of social justice indicated above, the impact of public interest litigation as an avenue of ensuring social justice and as a process contributing to the idea of social justice, the “justiciability” of social justice, and the significance of the particular relation between rights, capabilities, claims, and law in terms of the idea of social justice – equally significantly, in terms of making this idea a reality. Finally, the significance of this has to be sought in the realisation of the notion of responsibility – responsibility of the State, its various organs, various governmental institutions, and their national and international commitments – to provide justice. In sum, the context of the research can be summed up as one that provides the background to the interrelation between justice and society. 5. Given the significance of the idea of justice in the Indian national movement and in its associated ideas and thoughts, and the wide demand for justice from each of the underprivileged sections of the Indian society today, and the recurring incidents of communities assuming the responsibility of delivering direct justice in the background of perceived delays and determining their own norms of
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