Social Labeling Paper

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Introduction In this paper I will be discussing my experiences being labeled as deviant. All my life I have struggled with social anxiety. This anxiety makes it difficult for me to talk to other people in social situations or speak to others in large groups. As a result of this, others often see me as ‘weird’. Throughout this paper, I will analyze how I have come to be labeled deviant and how I have adapted to this label over the course of my life. Within the study of deviance, the labeling perspective as well as symbolic interactionism aid in our understanding of the stigmatizing process that takes place. More specifically, these theories help us understand the process of being labeled by other individuals, and our response to this labeling…show more content…
As stated in the reading by Rubington & Weinberg, social typing is another way of terming social labeling, as those who social type others are social labeling them (Rubington & Weinberg, 2008). In school, I was most definitely social typed by my classmates and teachers as being different due to my anxiety. As a result of my reluctance to participate in group activities I was always stigmatized and looked at by others as…show more content…
Therefore, for Blumer, meaning affects human action. It is said, “because people actively interpret symbols, they may see slightly or even radically different meanings than others would under the same circumstances” (Gomme, 2007, p. 83). In relation to my experience, this stands true. As stated in the introduction to this analysis, throughout middle and high school, I was put in different classrooms than other students to do my work because I was viewed as incapable of completing my work to the ability of my classmates. As I got older teachers would more emphasis on the fact that I was unable to learn at the same speed as the other children and my label as ‘disabled’ became more and more prevalent. As a result, I was placed in a separate room for exams when other students would write in classrooms. This separation from my fellow classmates can be seen through symbolic interaction as
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