Social Leadership, Global Management, And Millennial Leadership

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Chapter Two
In this chapter, it will provide an overview of the literature that has been included in this proposed study. The literature used in this chapter was developed and reviewed by various articles, books, magazines, website journals, and peer reviewed articles on management, mentoring, global leadership, global management, and millennial leadership.
The gaps in literature within this study were based on literature that was used between 1999 and present. The conceptual framework used in this proposed study has been designed and based off of an exploratory qualitative research design. The content used within this proposed study are to review the literature used within this chapter. This chapter is a presentation of the literature that has been reviewed and will create a more definitive conceptualization of why the study is needed and how it can help to benefit millennial leaders in management. A concept is an image or symbolic representation of an abstract idea. (Chinn & Kramer, 1999) A conceptual framework helps to provide a model that gives direction to the study. It helps to enable the researcher to provide and show relationships of different constructs that is intended for the research. It also helps to outline possible courses of action to present an approach or idea for the intended study.
Chapter two will contain the following, it will provide the reader with a narrative about the proposed research, after which it will discuss how the literature from the study…
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