Social Learning And Teaching Play Essay

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There is a part in the handbook, learning and teaching play. Play involves the holistic child, from the physical, psychological, intellectual, social, and emotional. Either by working independently or group work. Play is now a big part of the curriculum as doesn’t just help with the teaching side, but it also gives the children a way to relax and be themselves, and to express their feelings or what is going on in their life through play. ( accessed on 29th November 2016) Tina Bruce would also be a big influence on play, creativity. She is a ‘social learning theorist’. Tina identified ten principles of early childhood education. Some of these principles where, that a child needs to be a child. Focus on what children can do - taking that as the starting point and lastly the essential interaction between child, context, and curriculum context if education is to be successful. (How children learn 3, L. Pound, pg.12-13) Tina Bruce correlates with some of Vygotsky’s theory, with the Zone of Proximal Development. The ZPD is the distance between and student’s ability to perform tasks under guidance from teachers or teaching assistants and being able to solve problems independently. This was seen in the observation when child A was ‘taking’ child B’s sand. However, when child B confronted child A he panicked and walked away from the sand table. The point that Tina Bruce made about focusing on what children can do and make that the starting point. Is like
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