Social Learning Theory Developed It 's Reputation

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Social learning theory asserts that learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context and can occur purely through observation or direct instruction, even in the absence of motor reproduction or direct reinforcement. Famously adopted by Albert Bandura and his colleagues at Stanford University in the 1960’s, the development of social learning theory was revolved around a four step model. These four models included attention (the individual subject must attend to the media as well as witness aggressive behavior), retention (the subject must have the ability to retain the behavior seen in order to replicate for later retrieval), motor reproduction (the subject must be able to perform said behavior), and motivation (there…show more content…
The second reason I chose Charles was because he has a bit of a temper and I thought that would come in handy while observing how a violent video could affect someone who might not have the a lot of patience. Charles decided to choose the game Fallout 4 to be played by himself in his isolated basement. Fallout 4 is a violent, action filled adventure that is set in a post apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287. Charles described how he had played the other three Fallout’s before, but never like this was it so difficult. Almost immediately, signs of stress and anger hit Charles. His connection was not letting him access the online version of the game. By merely trying to get the game to work, Charles displayed a behavioral change. Finally, after a good seven minutes of feeding various wires through the TV, Charles began to play. Within the first twenty minutes he seemed somewhat relaxed, but this soon changed as he progressed through the game. From sitting casually in his seat, to standing up and moving closer and closer to the TV, Charles was completely infiltrated by the obstacles in a particular level of Fallout 4. It came to the point where he would question himself constantly. For example, Charles stated, “Why do I constantly die in the same spot?” Loudly enough, it was easy to distinguish his behavioral changes. Typically he likes to joke around, but it seemed like focus was one hundred percent on the video
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