Social Learning Theory Of Crime And Crime

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Unit 6 DB 1 Using Social Learning Theory
Social learning theory is a considered an overall theory of crime and criminality and has been used to explain both criminal and non-criminal behavior. One of these youth gangs we will use this theory to understanding the criminal behavior is called the Zoe Pound. They are teenagers and older men in their 20s in this gang. They have become a problem in the last few years mostly because is of all the attention they are receiving all because of a special documentary on this gang that was broadcast on the History Channel. They have appeared in several times on the news in the last 15 years. This gang never stared out as a non-violent gang, and all efforts to control their growth have
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This group is best described by police officers in the ones that rule by committee; uses automatic weapons, uses extreme violence and power-bestowing amulets, and those are just some of their features that differentiate this gang from other criminal gangs in Miami South Florida 's of youth violence.
This gang is organize and is rule by committee rather than a leader, they do not fight amongst themselves, and thereby they do not suffer any type of setback if one of the higher up is arrest or killed (taken out). With such organization this means that means everyone 's a fall guy, and so far they have spread to other major cities like, New York, Atlanta, and Orlando Florida. This gang represents Akers (1998), statement, that the basic assumption behind this theory is that the same learning process can produce both conforming and deviant or delinquent behavior. He also “argues that individuals develop favorable or unfavorable definitions to deviance in interactions with their peers” (Akers, 1998). Thereby, just examine the Zoe Pound gang we can perceive that anyone who is hanging with this group is going to be deviant or display delinquent behavior. One might think that this would be labeling them, but this group is notorious for not letting just anyone hang around them if they are not with their set,
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