Social Legal and Economic Impact of Ebusiness in Ireland

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eBusiness Fetac Module

Assignment 1

Evolution of Internet eBusiness Development
Social, Legal and Economic
Impact of eBusiness

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July – November 2012
General Introduction 4 Research Methods 4 Evolution of the Internet 6 Dot-Com Boom 7 eBusiness Development 8 Introduction – Social Impact 10 Social Impact of eBusiness – Positives 10 Improve Life of Disabled 10 Provide Information to those with Illness 11 Online Counselling 11 Personal Development 12 Enhanced Leisure Time 13 Greater Awareness of Important Causes and Charities 14 Fifteen Minutes of Fame 15 Social Networking 16 People Better Informed about their Tax and SW Entitlements 17 Study and Research Benefits 17 Social Impact
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I should also try and make them flow and fit in with existing text. So for example, one article may have points that are ideal for the introduction on a section about Internet Privacy while another might fit better when I move on to the technical detail about the Data Protection Act. 10. Produce draft version for review by Tutor and ensure that I can stand over it as being my own work with reference to biblio. 11. Make corrections as highlighted by Tutor. 12. Have a final read of entire document and make final changes. 13. Produce version 1.0 of assignment and submit as soon as possible and not leave till last minute when pressure might build and cause me to rush the assignment and not be happy with end result.

Evolution of the Internet
The idea of a global network was introduced by J.C.K Licklider of MIT in August 1962 but it was ARPANET which was developed by IPTO (Information Processing Techniques Office) which first demonstrated the principles involved. Its main objective was to develop a network communications technology where computers and networks could connect, shared data and be able to function if one of the networks was out of action.
With the existing telephone system being too slow, a packet switching network was developed which was controlled by a Network control Protocol with data being exchanged with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
With the
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