Social Life During School

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I hadn’t really done anything until my sophomore year of high school. I did, of course have some form of social life during school, but nothing extracurricular. The thought had never occurred to me until I saw a flier on our school’s bulletin board for the theatre program’s set crew. I knew a couple people in the program, but never really thought of actually joining them. I didn’t really want to, to be completely honest. The “inspiration” came to me to sign up when this girl, Shay, in my biology class brought theatre up. I was kind of friends with her, being in the same lab group, but we didn’t really know each other. She was, however, definitely attractive and definitely my type. Her eyes a deep hazel always seemed to be glowing with a curious energy, always observing the world. She had these golden curls cascading down her shoulders, always bouncing when she would walk. Almost a physical representation of what I imagined as an angel. So when she brought up the possibility of joining some club where people hang out all the time, I was all for being a part of it. So we signed up together and showed up for the first meeting. Mr. Avery, the director of the program stood onstage and watched us file in and sit down, waiting patiently and smiling down at us. Once the last few kids spilled in the room, he called out “Welcome to the theatre!”, making a grand gesture, presenting the room. The veterans of the group cheered, some chanting Avery’s name. “Now, for those of you new to…
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