Social Life Of The Usa And Oman

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Social Life in the USA and Oman The social life is different from one country to another, but also there are some commonalities and some similarities. Many people think that understanding of the social life is not very important, but in fact, the social life is an important part of this life we should understand it in the different countries. The United States and Oman each country has some differences and some similarities in social life and it is obvious in people, families, lifestyle and social life in the educational institutions. The people in the United States are a mixture of different cultures and religions who socialize with each other wonderfully. There are some people who have Asian or African origins, and that is the reason for the culture diversity of the people in the United States, but they live with each other and socialize with each other without any trouble. The social life in the United States is based on the principle of respect. When I came to the USA, I thought I would face some difficulties with socializing with other people because of my different religion and culture, but in fact, nothing of that kind happened to me. From the time I arrived here until now, my different culture and religion did not affect my social life. The family is an important part of the social life in the United States. The United States is very vast country, but that does not prevent people from visiting their relatives who are living far away in another state. Also the
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