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Social Life The aftermath of the Civil War made a mark on writers during the era. The occurrences and reconstruction of America had changed some writing to shift from realism to depicting social life in literature. The view of many writers focused on the effects of the war like death, sadness, and people confronted with poverty. This is followed up with the Great Depression and World War I. People saw war first hand in bombings, killing, murders, and voracity. A group of writers chose this as their theme. Edgar Lee Masters reflected the small town life with the poem, "Abel Melveny." The narrator (Abel) is telling a story about his machine collection. He is actually dead but looking back on how his life occurred. Masters wrote…show more content…
F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about his life and used some of his own life in, "Babylon Revisited." This story is about a man (Wales) who goes to Paris to gain custody back of his daughter (Horonia) from his sister-in-law. Wales lost his daughter a year and a half ago due to the loss of his wife. He also lost his daughter because Wales grew wealthy and spent it on partying and became an alcoholic. The theme is that sometimes people do not think that the actions now draw out their future. Wales sees his wrong doings and changes his life for the better. He stops the partying, obsessive drinking, and blowing all his money so loosely. He messed up and comes back to Paris to get custody, which it seems he should because of his reformation. Wales understands that the harm he caused during the partying episode does not fade away on others because they remember it. That is why at the end Wales cannot get custody of his child right away. He has to wait and try again in six months. Fitzgerald is saying that your actions have consequences and Wales must deal with the fact that his mistakes led this to happen. Ernest Hemingway's theme in, "The Snow of Kilimanjaro" is about a guy (Harry) who had gangrene from a scratch he got while on his trip in Africa. The guy
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