Essay on Social Male Behaviors On Sundays

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There are many misconceptions about Sundays and its effect on people. I’m here to clear it up from the male’s perspective, and to show women how to deal with these behaviors. Many women believe that Sunday is a sacred day, a time to be together with the one you love most and go to church . This is true, but Sunday is also the time for sports, testosterone driven activities, and for males to hang out with the other males. Sundays seems to bring out a primal instinct inside us men that lays dormant through out the week. These instincts are brought out by the excitement of sports and the surrounding. So here are some insights into our behaviors, eating habits, and our rituals to let you understand us better during these times.…show more content…
In very few cases, sometimes the opposite sex has been known to attend these strictly male rituals. The female species who attend these rituals are there to present a more heterosexual atmosphere to the gathering. So please don’t try to invite yourself, if we want you to come we will invite you.
At these places males are very loud and obnoxious High fives, hand shakes and group chants are a common sight at these places. But there is a mutual respect among us on Sundays; we don’t do things that will upset other males, at least not on purpose. No one goes out to these gatherings to look for trouble, because all males believe that Sundays are a time for peace. Sometimes fights do break out between males, but these incidents are very few. Those who break this unwritten code are banned from such rituals for how ever long it is required
Other strange behaviors that Sundays tend to bring out in the male species are the overwhelming urge to fix everything he owns. This urge can be both helpful and harmful depending on the subject. Helpful because things males own will get fix, but harmful because this urge also come out in males that doesn’t have a clue on how to fix anything. This urge emerges because of the male species’ need to feel needed and masculine. Males believe that in order to truly be a man he must be able to do thing that the opposite can not do, mainly fix things and hard labor. This
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