Social Medi A New Wave Of Technology

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Social media is a new wave of technology that is sweeping our nation and captivating many users in its wake. Social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have become increasingly popular and it seems as though everyone, at least in our generation, uses at minimum one of sites. Twitter is a social media site where when you sign up, you get a profile, which is your domain name or @name, from that profile you can tweet, tweets. Tweets are 140 characters or less of anything that you would like to say out into the Twitter world and the tweets go onto a Timeline. The tweets that you see on your timeline are of all the people that you follow and if someone sees your tweets on their timeline, it means they are following you. Retweets work the same way, if I retweet something, it’ll go onto my profile as a retweet but it still shows the original author, and everyone that follows me will also see that retweet. Now to divulge a little deeper into the concept of followers and following, just because someone follows you doesn’t mean that you have to follow them back and vice versa. This is a difference from Facebook because when people accept each other as Facebook friends it’s mutual and now both users are subscribed to one another. This creates the idea of “Twitter famous” people or people that are more popular than others on Twitter. There are studies that show a correlation that the more tweets you have, the more followers are bound to have (Bosker, 2012). What makes you decide

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