Social Medi A Social Perspective Essay

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For the baseline week, time spent on social media is 25 hours and 12 minutes, average 3 hours and 36 minutes per day. I spent more time on social media on weekends compared to weekdays where I would have university. Antecedents are stimulus that precedes a behavior, events or actions occurring before behavior that triggers behaviour(Weiten, 2013). This can be divided using biopsychosocial model. For decreasing social media use, my most relevant antecedents are social or environmental factors and psychological factors. Social or environmental antecedents include time I usually use social media. I use social media after waking up and before sleeping. I use social media most in bed. Another social antecedent is when I am in a social setting where my friends are using social media, I am more likely to also check my social media. One psychological antecedent is when I am bored, I will use social media. On weekends, I have more free time and hence use social media more, while I am least likely to use social media when I am busy. On Thursday, I spent the shortest time as I had to be in University all day. I will also use social media when I am studying as an avoidance behaviour. When I reach a topic I feel is challenging, I want to procrastinate and seek instant gratification by using social media, to avoid doing the challenging work. I will also use social media when I am taking a break from my studies. Another psychological antecedent is feeling stress and anxiety. I use social
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