Social Medi A Viable Option Moving Forward

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it is definitely a viable option moving forward. Social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube are so popular because people are able to get information fairly quick and easy. Many people are more willing to try new things such as listening to poems that accompanied by images or a film acting out the meaning of the poem than they would be to sit and read lyric poems. Lyric physical poems are still relevant and could be relevant in the future as a secondary or supplementary object to relay information, similar to captions on a screen during television shows and movies. Being that Poetry of the past was known for being something that not many people were able to understand is an aspect that some poets may actually agree with and prefer. Obscurity in poetry and other creative art forms are preferred due to the fact that things are thrown out into the world and left up to speculation, many times without the creator having to justify and explain the reasoning behind it. Creating videos would hold the poets and other creative writers accountable for what it is that they are talking about. No longer would they be able to throw out lines that could mean or reference many different things. They would be expected to show what they mean and received feedback from the public that could potentially change their poetic style moving forward. Social media utilization overall could be a great thing for poetry as a whole, giving that it lets more people see it and experience it. Music is
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