Social Medi Developing Critical Thinking

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One of the ideas associated with lifelong learning is “developing critical thinking.” This is something I must work on in my day to day life. Not just for my career but I think critical thinking is a key characteristic that enables us to be interesting. From critical thinking comes solid questions with exciting answers. One of the areas in my career I’m making a strong push to expand and improve is networking. So when presented the opportunity to take the networking seminar I did. I think the conversation Andrew and Jeffrey had was interesting. I agree with Andrew when he said LinkdIn really is the future of networking. Social media certainly has modified how we go about looking for jobs these days. According to “Calvó-Armengol and Jackson (2004) the importance of social media in the work market has expanded considerably. The results of a survey show that 50% of the vacancies in Massachusetts were filled with the help of social networks.” I too have a LinkdIn account and use it to connect with some of my peers/coworkers as well as people i don’t know or haven’t had the privilege or opportunity to meet. In this seminar Andrew talked about the three tiers of networking and I found one area overlapped with something I spoke about previously. Andrew was talking about how most people find it difficult to walk up to a stranger and talk about themselves. He mentioned that a good way to conquer this fear was to prepare something before the upcoming networking event and

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