Social Medi Effects On Relationships

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Social Media: Effects on Relationships Social media has affected culture in many ways, mostly relationships. People who are affected by the change in their culture do to society, don’t realize the change that has occurred. Over the years social media has drastically increased and plays a huge role within relationships causing insecurity. Dating sites like EHarmony, Christian Mingle, and others have grown in popularity. Not only have the dating sites become more predominant, there are even ways to have dates online as opposed to in person. Social media contains social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and maybe even Myspace, if people still use it. Social media can change or affect a person’s everyday life, like driving, working, cooking, etc. Those affected by the change of social media are mostly teenagers. When a teenager or someone older joins a site like Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, or Twitter, they first create a personal profile. These profiles display information such as one 's name, relationship status, occupation, photos, videos, religion, ethnicity, personal interests and even a convenient way to locate and reconnect with old friends and relationships. There were times when people used to write letters and wait for other people to call them on their home phone especially young people, before cell phones. People actually got excited when they received mail, when the idea of having a cell phone wasn’t as life changing as it’s become today. Now,
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