Social Medi Evolution Or A Step Back

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Social Media: Evolution or A Step Back
In a century where we are living in the future, it can be easy to leave things in the past. Techniques of communication have been altered and now technology presents ways to talk to people around the world. People have access to unlimited resources and everyday society is advancing; or is it? Face-to-face communication is the foundation of our societies and what has brought people together since the beginning of time. Something that has been so crucial in the past is now taking the backseat as a new world emerges; a world of texting where we rely on electronics to communicate with one another. As technology has advanced, face to face communication has declined and it is having consequences on our
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Because of these and other reasons, it causes 74% of all internet users to engage in some type of social media. Of the 74%, 84% of social media users are between the ages of eighteen and twenty nine (“Social Media User Demographics” 1). Obviously appealing to the young adult crowd, social media can be seen as a fun outlet after a long day; however, overusing the internet is subsequently hurting the same crowd that uses it. The ability to hold conversations and create friendships is dwindling, especially in the new generation. Bullying now has a new image as people are hiding behind a screen while terrorizing other people. Also productivity in the workplace has been slowly decreasing as a result of social media and the laziness it brings with it. All of these, whether they are advantageous or not, complicate the perception of social media and raise the question; are we evolving or taking a step back? With the flash of social media, it makes face to face communication seem dull in comparison. On the contrary, as we move into the future it is having affects on our verbal and conversation skills. Scientific evidence along with general consensus shows that that level of conversation is declining as electronics play an increasing role in our lives. Experiments have proven that the overuse of technology can change neural pathways in our brains creating new ones("Face Time vs. Screen Time: The Technological Impact on
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