Social Medi Its Effect On You

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Social Media
Its effect on you
What is social media?
Definition by Google: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Think of regular media as a newspaper or the radio or the television.
Then, social media is a two way street, allowing you to communicate and respond to the media.
Can also include…
Social Media categories
Top Ten Social Media Sites
Quick stats - Video
How do we use social media?
Social Interaction

Social Media in Politics
Powerful tool when used by politicians to:
Spread political news
Inform voters
Find likeminded people
Convince votes of party morals

Who does social media affect the most?
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By Interstate Region
Interstate Region : Analysis
Urban suburbs have higher percentage of people accessing social media.
Inference : Lack of accessible internet in rural areas lead to less people on social media. Length of time on different social media platforms
Frequency of use
On an average day…
15% of Facebook users post new statuses
22% comment on someone else’s statuses or posts
20% comment on someone else’s photo
26% “Liked” someone else’s content
10% sent someone else a private message
There is a common misconception that Facebook users frequently update their status.
Majority of Facebook users update their status less than once a week. (56%)
Only 15% of Facebook users update their status once a day.
One in six don’t ever update their status.
Usage over time
Accessibility of Internet
Accessibility of the Internet vs Usage of Social Media
There is a corresponding trend that as the accessibility of the internet increase so does the usage of social media.
Majority of internet users will use some form of social media.
Third world countries are disadvantaged in terms of accessibility and social media usage.

Con: Social media is making us less social

Song by World of Fitness (Youtube)
Song: Look Up
This song Look Up provides an insight of one’s negative perspective to our over-reliance on social media.
Life is finite – use it when you have it
Chances are always around us – you just need to spot it
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