Social Medi Perception And Identity

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SOCIAL MEDIA: PERCEPTION AND IDENTITY; LEAVING REALITY Jeremiah Morse December 3, 2014 Research, Process and Methodology Introduction Social media is a large part of everyday life in today’s society. Almost everyone has some sort of social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. People are constantly sharing what they are eating, the trips they are taking and the clothes they are wearing. It is a fairly common thing for people to know what someone is doing or whom they are doing it with without even speaking to them. This is the world of the twentieth century and most interactions are done behind a glass screen. However, behind this glass screen are unique individuals who…show more content…
For example, a person may only post their “highs” on Instagram, which could lead their followers to believing that they have an amazing life. This is generally misleading because like any other person, the poster has “lows” in their life as well, they just choose not to showcase them. This is how people create their identities within the social media realm. They post pictures, statuses and updates that paint a picture of what they want their life to be or how they want others to perceive it. Not only has social media blurred reality lines, it has weakened face-to-face communication and interaction. People are less prone to talk to a crush or a friend about their day because they feel they already know what is going on based on a status update or a pic they might have saw. This again, is creating a false sense of reality that people rely on to navigate them through their social lives. This could be problematic that so much of society relies on a social network to empower human interaction. Social media has essentially taken over the real world and created it’s own microcosm within it. This study will take a look at how easily social media can alter perception of reality and how it has changed the way people communicate. The analysis of human beings and their interaction with social media will be discussed in order to see how disconnected they are from their true identities in the real world. Social media has a strong presence in the twentieth century
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