Social Medi Statistics And Trends Essay

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It is so hard to consider that, once upon a time; social media was little more than an up-and-coming inclination. Do you remember Friendster and MySpace? Fast-forwarding to 2016, current social media platforms have emerged. Shea Bennet, the author of the article entitled, "Social Media Addiction: Statistics and Trends," discovered that at least 99.8% of the teenagers in the world have cellular phones or Ipads and are tweeting, posting, liking, commenting on some particular social media platforms. Social media breeds our reach more hastily, far beyond an extraordinary measure through words, pictures, and videos. Social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, to name a few, sanction individuals to vocalize their peace in a virtual space. Social media is responsible for greater communication and a wider range of relationships. Shea Bennet also stated that eighty-five percent of the 7.1 billion people in the world utilize the internet every day. Seventy-four percent of those people become addicted to social media. Those numbers are humongous. Nicholas David Bowman, Ph.D., an assistant professor of communication studies in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences at West Virginia University, also believes that Social Media lies in technology addiction. Technology addiction is when individuals occupy more time with their smartphones or iPads than networking with the people around them, to the disadvantage of those face-to-face relationships. For
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