Social Medi The End Of Gender

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Social Media: The End of Gender

Maurice Brigham Paper Submitted as Fulfillment of the Requirements for
COM 231: Interpersonal Communication

Fayetteville Technical Community College
09 May 2016 Abstract Social media has often been referred to as a social institution capable of influencing worldwide audiences through the shaping of gender norms. Gender identity is no longer decided at birth, but whenever culture and social conditions dictate. “Social media, the end of gender.” (Blakeley, 2011) For decades, traditional media has been using demographics to understand and categorize its audience, namely age demographics. Different from traditional media, social media networks pay particular
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In order to determine the impact of social media on gender, we must first explore these networks. After close analysis of the evolving gender issue, we can conclude that social media networks foster a society that will bring an end to gender labels.
“Often, when we think of the media, we consider the importance of the meanings of popular messages and images that are consumed by a mass audience.” (Kosut, 2012) With a third of the world currently involved in social media, it’s not surprising that it is rapidly becoming the cultural center of influence in our lives. So what are social media networks? Social media networks are technology-mediated tools for in which people exchange information in virtual communities. These communities have given birth to sites that cater to like-minded individuals of varies interests, nurturing an environment that grants access to a platform of ever expanding information. Companies use networks such as Facebook, Skype, and Twitter for marketing new products and trends. Consumers also and the sustainment of close relationships. Though social media is receiving credit for being a source of information and entertainment, it has also been highly criticized. The constant exposure to social media messaging and over saturation of gender specific materials is changing the conception of self-identity. Social media has both positive and negative effects on society. Let’s discuss some of the
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