Social Medi The New Frontier Of Criminal Proceedings

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Social Media Social media is moving rapidly towards pervasive connectivity that will have an impact on how digital search warrants should be granted. The majority of Americans on a daily basis utilize social media and the vast amount of the exchanged information is beyond measurable. Due to overwhelming social media usage, there is heightened concern among the public over what can be accessed by law enforcement officials and what should be the scope of their search warrants. Despite such concerns, courts haven 't issued a definitive ruling distinguishing social media posts from other electronic communications. The case law is already filled with instances in which the government obtained social media evidence through a warrant or subpoena directed at a social media company. Social media evidence is the new frontier of criminal proceedings and it raises unique legal challenges, including issues of admissibility and a defendant’s constitutional rights in material that social media companies maintain. Federal law provides that in some circumstances, the government may compel social media companies to produce social media evidence without a warrant. The Stored Communication Act (“SCA”) governs the ability of governmental entities to compel service providers, such as Twitter and Facebook, to produce content (e.g., posts and tweets) and non content customer records (e.g., name and address) in certain circumstances. Even though the SCA has not been amended to reflect

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