Social Medi The Power Of Context By Malcolm Gladwell

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Violent Contents Go Viral In the 21st Century
The development of social media (television shows, Facebook and video games) has increased tremendously in the 21st century, and its influence in daily lives has also affected young teenagers and their parents’ contemplation about violence. In the past, the function of social media was to discover hidden events and tell parents the right way to raise and educate their kids. However, in the 21st century, young teenagers can see violence on television shows, movies, YouTube, and Facebook as if fights, sexual conduct, injuries, drug use and deaths are for entertainment. In Maggie Nelson’s essay, “Great to Watch,” she argues the idea of “video and image flow” can lead to different understandings, distractions, and even problems, which explains the Broken Windows Theory introduced in “The Power of Context” written by Malcolm Gladwell that people engaging in certain kind of behavior (crime and violence) are evoked by a feature of the environment. Video and image flow via social media in the 21st century can induce crime. In the age of distraction, young teenagers are easily misled by things they see, hear, and contact with in their daily lives. Societal behaviors exposed via social media raise awareness of kid’s health and safety to parents in the 21st century; however, exposing societal behaviors not only protect kid’s safety by warning parents, but also cause violence to young teenagers that those protections become meaningless,
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