Social Medi The Second Stage Of Development Of The World Wide Web

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Web 2.0 is defined as the second stage of development of the world wide web, which is where we are now in 2017. The internet is no longer filled with static web pages ran just by the creator, but instead filled with content we provide whenever we post online. According to Pew Research Center 7 in 10 Americans use some type of social media to connect with one another or engage in some type of conversation (Anderson). Just take a second and think of all the different social media outlets there are. We have grown past just using Facebook and Twitter, but have now entered a new realm of sharing. With all good things there is a downfall. With social media there is a debate that it may be doing more harm than good. On one hand social media has…show more content…
Nucleus Research reported that Facebook shaves 1.5% off office productivity(Jung). This may not seem like a huge percentage but if you think of all the offices across the country and all the employees it soon starts to add up, which leads to my next point. A study done by a research company, Morse, reported that British companies lost over 2.2 Billion a year in revenue due to loss productivity because of social media (Jung). Although some people have become weary of social media, there is also an overwhelming amount of people who believe social media has improved society. Social Media has definitely made society aware of a lot of global issues along with social movements going on across the US and world. The Arab Spring’s uprising that took place in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya owe most of their credit to social media (Roesler). This played a huge role in organizing protests to highlight the corrupt government they were facing. When posting about upcoming protests across social media as a public event, it made it easy for people outside of the warzone to become aware of what was happening. This led to donations and humanitarians to flood the middle east with help (Roesler). Social Media has also led to an increase in raising money for causes by doing different challenges for different charities. In 2014, the ALS challenge was a viral campaign where participants would either donate money or dump a bucket of ice water on themselves.
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