Social Media A Virtual Pandora 's Box : Prevalence, Possible Legal Liabilities, And Policies

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The article that I chose to research was, “Social Media—A Virtual Pandora’s Box: Prevalence, Possible Legal Liabilities, and Policies.” This article discusses how employees that use social media can have a serious impact on the businesses they work for. More and more people are starting to use social media, which in turn makes more businesses use social media to connect to potential customers. In the article the authors give numerous examples of how the use of social media is increasing year after year. One example in the article examines the Fortune 500 companies and their employees and looks at their social media use. The article states, “of the Fortune 500 companies, 70% have Facebook accounts and 77% have Twitter accounts” (Jennings, Blount, and Weatherly 98). Because the use of social media is increasing so greatly more companies are creating Facebook and Twitter accounts to reap the benefits of being able to communicate and market to customers around the world. Since more businesses are connecting to social media it leaves them more vulnerable to public opinion. It also makes them become more aware of what their employees post on social media sites and how their posts can draw negative attention to the business. The increase use of social media sites posses the potential risk for businesses to face legal and ethical problems, if their employees use social media inappropriately. The article proposes a research study looking at the use of social media both from a
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