Social Media About Me Being Promiscuous

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It 's Monday, a day that every student dreads terribly.I walked into Francis Carr high school knowing that all eyes will be on me. There 's been comments made all over social media about me being promiscuous because of John and Anthony. It 's funny because people don 't know your situation but they assume but it 's whatever. As I walk to my locker Taylor Chapman and Candice walked up to me.

They both looked fidgety and in shock.Candice was wearing glasses and Taylor looked as if she was in tears. They both looked distressed but I didn 't want trouble.

"What do you guys want" I said.
"We want to talk to you about the men, I mean boys in your life " Candice said.

"If your here to criticize me or the so called boys in my life I don 't care I 've seen it and heard it especially on Twitter" I said.

"No, that 's not what why we 're here." Taylor said.

"Why are you here" I said.

"Anthony has been shot last night when he was selling drugs" Candice said.

I was in shocked and I was worried.

"John was with him and they were drinking together so John witnessed it and was injured" Taylor said.

"What does this mean are they dead" I said.

Candice stood there just crying and laughing. Taylor just stood there and watched with both their mascara dripping down there face. I watched and then I yelled "Tell me what the fuck is going on, Tell me!"

"We don 't know, I called Anthony 's phone because the last time we talked he was talking about Rosie this and Rosie that and I got mad "…
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