Social Media Activism, Centered On Police Brutality

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Has Social Media Activism, Centered On Police Brutality in African-American Communities Producing Sustainable Change?
Simona M. Young
University of Southern California

Over the last year, the media has done an excellent job in bringing national exposure to the culture of police brutality within African-American communities. Fortunately, social media – alongside the growing accessibility to smartphones – has assisted in bringing these intentional violations to the forefront of the national debate, creating a new form of activism, commonly referred to as social media activism (“Policing The Police and Prosecuting The Clan, n.d.; Pooly, 2011). However, is this new form of social activism, through social media, producing real, tangible change in the fight against discrimination and social injustices in America? Historically, the driving force behind successful social movements is effective organizing. Most attribute the success of the Civil Rights Movement to the impressionistic images of dramatic confrontations with police dogs and African-Americans people being hosed down with water in the streets, however, it was rooted in a hybrid of extremely intentional efforts, which included civil disobedience, grass roots organizing with intense political mobilization, economic withdrawal, via mass boycotts and sit-ins, and sensational community leaders/activists who are able to evoke intense emotional connections, galvanizing the black community to act in
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