Social Media Activism Paper

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Social Media Activist Research Paper
Today, nearly 250 million children -about 40% of the world’s children, can’t read a single sentence. This is mainly due to poverty and the inability of some families to pay for their child’s education. Cynthia Changyit Levin an activist living in Saint Louis, Missouri is one example of someone who is determined to help solve this problem. She recently became an activist after giving up her job revolving around engineering. She felt empowered one night after thinking about all of the people around the world living in poverty. From then on she has been an activist focused on anti-poverty, this topic branches into world hunger, women empowerment, global thirst, etc. Cynthia has a blog, website, facebook and
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Her blog describes her everyday life and experiences and ways she decides to help/volunteer on a regular basis. For example, her two kids are a common topic for her to talk about on her blog, however she uses them as examples on how you can still be an activist from home. One of the things she does with her kids in the winter when many find it difficult to help others because they are ‘trapped’ inside the house are called ‘Snow-Day Activities.’ When her and her kids can’t go outside because of the snow, they stay inside and make use of any way to help the impoverished. They go through stuff to pick out things to donate, write letters or draw pictures to kids or families in poverty, and even write encouraging statements, hashtags, or logos to promote the cause by posting on social media (“Anti-Poverty Mom”). As you can see, one of Levins’ goals are to show people like her- stay at home parents or just in general ‘busy’ people- ways they can still help the world from there very own home. Many stay at home parents and teens feel like they don’t know how to help because they are ‘too busy’ or just ‘don’t know how to help,’ this is where Levin comes in. On her blog on just about every post she provides several bullet points on how anyone can do the same thing she did or something similar whether that be donating, volunteering, or signing up for a loan. For example, after her post about trying to carry a bucket of water on her head she says, “now has my foolishness inspired you to take action? Here are a few easy actions YOU can take today to provide water to others for years”(“Anti-Poverty
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