Social Media Advertising On The New Way Of Advertise Essay

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Social MediaSocial Media Advertising:The New Way to Advertise Social media has taken off like a rocket throughout the years. The annoying sound of a modem connecting has turned into a soundless transaction. The wait time to connect is instant, opening a global world of interactions for people. You can now connect with anyone, anywhere at anytime at least once a day. Social media defined by Goyal is “Any platform,which provides the facility of sharing ideas, exchanging information and sending messages over an electronic medium, is considered as social media.” (Goyal,222). This is to include online magazines, Facebook, Twitter, Newspapers,Email, Blogs, YouTube and many more. Advertisers have taken notice to these platforms, utilizing social media to promote their brands, develop trust with the consumer,save money and target audiences faster than ever before. Brand is the most important aspect of a company. Brands are attached to a specific product making it memorable, growing revenue for the company. A brand can be a symbol like Nike’s check, or a slogan such as Apple “Think Different” or a logo like Pepsi. All of these create a look for a company that people recognize and trust. Advertisers are always coming up with new ideas to implement their brand in advertisements. Since the start of social media they have been able to promote their brands like never before. You can now log into Facebook seeing brand logos,slogans or symbols pop up everywhere. These ads often
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