Social Media Advertising

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Internet Advertising: Social Networking
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BUS 123 Introduction To Advertising
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Internet Advertising
Now more than ever, small businesses can promote themselves online by targeting customers and expanding their networks, often for little or no cost. Businesses can promote themselves through a variety of techniques such as targeting customers by demographics, contributing to online discussions and drawing attention to new services. Advertising in the 21st century has become very versatile because of various online social websites like Facebook and Twitter, along with other blog atmosphere websites like Pinterest and Craigslist. In the last decade, the explosion of
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The banner system is one means of internet advertising that is more effective: You can choose the categories to be displayed and include descriptive words to detect if the user is looking for that particular product. The banners are similar to the rotating banner but the difference is that the user can interact with them. As in any project, internet advertising should begin by making a strategic plan. The result will be better planning of a website and the ability to maintain the user's attention and customer loyalty. The presence of internet advertising will be an excellent complement to traditional media advertising and may end up becoming one of the priorities of advertisers. For now, more and more ads in the media show the direction taken by advertisers along with customer care and other services of interest. User forums, blogs and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are invaluable resources for monitoring companies' reputations and interests of consumers of services and products. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than 500 million people connected to each other. Facebook has not surpassed Yahoo! to be the second most popular site on the web behind Google. Facebook's popularity has increased due to the ability to connect individuals

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