Social Media AdvertisingEffect On Consumer Attitudes And Behaviors

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The invention of the internet could be considered the most notable technological advancement in the Twenty-First century as evidenced by its widespread availability and excessive use by people all over the world. As people of all ages and demographics spend increasingly more of their time on the Internet, daily social media use is simultaneously increasing for these users. Currently, about one-fourth of the world’s population uses social media and more than one billion internet users watch YouTube videos monthly (Knoll, 2016, pg. 266). As these social media sites gain popularity, businesses have also decided to enhance their internet presence by way of utilizing social media platforms as advertising mediums used for reaching consumers.
This new form of advertising has experienced rapid growth as well as rapid change, which has impacted the ability of communications, marketing, and advertising researchers to sufficiently examine and study this phenomenon; therefore, the effectiveness of social media advertising has yet to reach a solid conclusion. In order to address the vagueness of social media advertisements’ effect on consumer attitudes and behaviours, I have completed a literature review of past research concerning social media advertising and have administered a survey regarding its effects on consumers in order to reach the conclusion that social media advertising is indeed an effective form of marketing communications because of the opportunities it provides to reach
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